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His art is his world.
But when a beautiful new student walks into his circus, will an off-limits love tempt this acrobat into crossing the line?

They spend their days as aerial artists, twisting in silks high above the circus crowds of Cirque du Lys. They spend their nights bound together entirely differently.


Chandler Moreau is the mentor, teaching his little papillon to soar.


Cassandra Blackstone is the student, who’s spent a lifetime dreaming of him.


But each has demons, and the shadows of their past pursue them. 


Ties That Bind follows their epic love story in a suspenseful tale of hidden connections, the mafia, secrets, and a dark, slow-burn romance that unfolds with delicious tension across the four book series, releasing through December 2024.


Together, can Chandler and Cassandra make it out alive? Only fate knows for sure in this unforgettable tale of love and survival.  

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