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Blog Tour Guest Post #3 - Ask Chandra Anything

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Hi Everyone! Cassandra Blackstone here. Chandler and I are up early this morning with some coffee, answering some reader questions from Liza Snow’s newsletter. I’m going to try to get to as many as I possibly can before Chandler distracts me too much—

(She gets easily distracted.... - Chandler)

OK, mister control freak. I'm typing the questions here...not you. Let’s get to some! I’m itching to get started.

Chandler: Okay, before we start…can I just say—Cassandra, I love you beyond measure but you’re going to let me answer some of these questions, alright?

Cassandra: *playful scoff* It’s rude for you to assume I’d just answer your questions for you.

Chandler: Twenty bucks says you do it by the second question…

*Annoyed Cassandra huff*

Chandler: OK. Number one. Let’s see. This one’s for me—*coughChandlerMoreaucough* Ow, hey now don’t jab me.

Cassandra: Question one! Chandler: name something you consider yourself to be good at, and something you consider yourself to be bad at. Oh! I know!

Chandler: Twenty bucks, pay up.

Cassandra: I didn’t say anything, Chandler. Okay, answer then. I want to see if I’m right or not. And I know what you're bad at, too, I hope you know.

Chandler: Uh huh. Isn’t that still indirectly answering the question by checking your own answer? *jabbed* Ow! Hey! *laughing* Okay, things I’m good at… Hm. Well, the silks? That’s the best one, right?

Cassandra: If you want to be blatantly obvious, sure. Why don’t you give them something they aren’t expecting? What? *Chandler whispering quietly/inaudibly to Cassandra* Oh my God, Chandler. *laughing* Okay, fair point. You’re definitely good at that but we don’t need to tell everyone that.

Chandler: I don’t mind telling people that—

Cassandra: *cuts him off laughing* Okay no. Settle down. New question. *Chandler laughing*

Cassandra: Oh! I love these questions, let's do the “who’s most likely to…” ones! Okay, let’s see. First one. Who is grumpier?

Chandler: Does it actually say that, Cassandra? *pause* Well then, that was rude. Moving on…

Chandler: Who is most likely to stick up for themselves if they know they're right?

Simultaneously: Me. *Both laughing*

Chandler: *laughing* Yeah, I don’t think we’re going to come to an agreement about that question…

Cassandra: Next one!. Who’s most likely to say sorry first? —I’d say Chandler? I can be a little stubborn sometimes…

Chandler: A little? *jabbed again* Hey, ow! *laughing* You better quit or I won’t do what you asked me to do once we got through with this—

Cassandra: *quietly* Chandler! *Chandler laughing*

Cassandra:*clears throat* Okay, let’s do a few more and we’ll wrap this up...

Chandler: *another Chandler amused laugh* Someone got in a hurry.

Cassandra: *laughing again* I hate you.

Cassandra: These are some fan questions. If you think you can handle it.

Chandler: *scoff* I think I can handle a few fans, Cassandra. I am the legendary master of silks after all. I’ve yet to meet an admirer who I haven’t been able to indulge with my Chandler nuggets of wisdom.

Cassandra: *laughing* Okay, Chandler. Here’s a question for both of us. What’s your favorite aerial silk move? I’d say mine would be—

Chandler: The Kamikaze. That’s an easy one.

Cassandra: Where’s my twenty bucks now, Chandler?

Chandler: *laughing again* You don’t get to steal my bet, nice try. I know what you'll guess for me, too. The double forward roll…

Cassandra: You’re wrong.

Chandler: What?

Cassandra: *laughing* No, you’re right... I’m sorry. I just like the way you sound when you say ‘what.’

Chandler: I like the way you sound when you say certain words too—

Cassandra: *clears throat* Last question!! Oh my God. *laughing* How did I know that would come up again?

Chandler: What would come up again? *laughs*

Cassandra: The readers would like to know if Chandler will ever truly tell us “why he got into Shibari anyway?”

Chandler: Oh, I will happily answer that question. Let's see…

Chandler: I didn’t get to tell them what I was good at…

Cassandra: Well, you could just show me.

Obedience, Book One in the Ties That Bind Series is a dual perspective, slow-burn, student-teacher romantic suspense, that will take you soaring into the silks. Available in ebook, paperback and full-cast narrated audiobook featuring the voices you heard above!

Go buy yourself a copy today and see what all the fuss is about...

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