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Book Tour Guest Post #2 - Favorite Quotes

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I thought I'd share a bunch of my favorite quotes from my debut novel Obedience, releasing on Amazon in ebook, paperback and full-cast narrated audiobook in April 2023. There's a lot of really great quotes in my book, and honestly they've changed around a lot since I decided to get my book narrated.

Enjoy the written and audiobook versions of some of these fantastic quotes you won't want to miss. And go grab yourself a copy or two of the book!

Chandler was focused on what he was doing, lasered in on my body like he was fine-tuning an instrument. Essentially, that was what he was doing. Fine-tuning me. I was his instrument.

- Cassandra Blackstone (voiced by Rapunzaroo)

Shibari is a Japanese word that means tight bonding. It’s a style of bondage, BDSM, involving tying a person up with visually intricate patterns of rope.”

- Maître (voiced by Daniel Zbel)

" For a moment, I thought maybe that had been enough of a response. Perhaps she’d drop it. Give up this ridiculous act of defiance and go home. Stay out of my business.
Of course I’d been an idiot with the assumption. Cassandra drew closer. Literally right on top of me, still staring up at me.
“You say that,” she started, studying me intently. “But I’m guessing you’re having about as much trouble getting that night out of your head as me.” Cassandra had gotten so close to me, I could smell her now. The distinctive, alluring smell of citrus. Oranges.
Fuck. I couldn’t take it anymore."

- Chandler Moreau (Daniel Zbel) and Cassandra Blackstone (Rapunzaroo)

“Why did you get into Shibari, anyway?”
I looked up to her again. In an instant, I was lost in her gaze. Trapped there in all those captivating flecks of color. The greens and browns and grays. Truthfully, I could have just answered. Probably said absolutely anything at all, and it likely would have satisfied her.
But it wouldn’t have been enough. Not now. My desires had taken control again.
“Can I show you?”

- Chandler Moreau (Daniel Zbel) and Cassandra Blackstone (Rapunzaroo)

The room had been almost dead quiet, so I was blatantly aware when he’d let out a low growl.
Jesus Christ. I wasn’t going to get anything done.
I got immediately to my feet and swerved around my desk, storming straight over to him. Planted my hands on his desk and leaned forward, so I could get across the tone I wanted to have, but hopefully still not draw a lot of attention. Because if I could have helped it, I likely would have flat out yelled at him. Smacked him. I was so annoyed.
“Are you fucking five years old or something?”

- Cassandra Blackstone (Rapunzaroo)

"The French lyrics pulled me in every time. It was perhaps one of the reasons that while I simply tolerated most opera songs I’d heard, I adored this song.
Every time I heard it, every time I got lost in those little nuances of the language, it brought me back to the summertime in Melun, France. Playing on the hills overlooking the city, lost in the grasses filled with wildflowers. Perhaps the time in my life which had felt so simple. All there were, were the memories in my life where I’d been happy.
And if any place I wanted to be, as I watched Cassandra ascending above me, knowing in seconds I would be right there beside her, it was in those memories again. Bringing her with me."

- Chandler Moreau (voiced by Daniel Zbel)

“I’ve got you, Cassandra,” I called out to her, gently. Steadying myself, my body locked in place. Breathing slow and rhythmic and calm. I watched her take the same breath as I had, waiting for the little drop in the lyrics before the next few lines began.
The moment their voices bellowed into the theater again, she let herself drop in a salto. In a gentle sweep of my body, I caught her gracefully into my arms. Twisted us together, letting the silks take hold of the two of us as we swung across the room, dozens of feet above the stage below us. Falling like two feathers locked together, dancing into the wind.

- Chandler Moreau (voiced by Daniel Zbel)

“My parents took me to see you the day before they died. It was a birthday present. It was the moment I realized I was going to do everything in my power to end up here. I think you’ve been the one thing I’ve been clinging to ever since that day. Like it was some sort of weird twist of fate I went to your show when I did. Every single moment of those darkest times of my life, I would cling to the memory of you. The dream of being able to be here, to work with you, to learn from you one day. I’ve been drowning for years, and you have always been my lifeline.”

- Cassandra Blackstone (voiced by Rapunzaroo)

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