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Book Updates, Audiobook Updates and More!

Good morning! Long time no see. I'm terrible at updating blog posts and social media but hopefully I'll get better at it.

Anyway, let's chat some updates! The audiobook is moving right along - my narrators are in the double digits in Chapters now, and it's sounding fabulous! There are some absolutely amazing parts that I can't wait for people to hear. I have a feeling they'll be quoting and mimicking lines from this thing for decades.


You won't get it until you listen... Haha. But anyway, I digress.

The audiobook is still scheduled to release in tandem, or as close as possible, with the ebook and paperback release. So be prepared! It's all coming soon. I can't believe we're TWO MONTHS AWAY. Holy crap.

In additional news, the novel also got one more chapter long. I decided, after I realized that I have two very lengthy back-to-back Cassandra chapters toward the end of the book, that I wanted to add an additional chapter (one more lovely Daniel Zbel chapter for everyone, you're welcome) with Chandler to elaborate on some stuff for the second book, as well as offer a buffer between the Cassandra chapters.

It's been completed now, and I think it'll be worth it! There's a little bit more Chandler Shibari scene for ya too, so you're welcome.

Speaking of which, Danny is busy recording the first fun Chandler Shibari scene this week, which was all of my beta readers favorite. It's a pretty fun set of two chapters, and I enjoyed writing them as an author purely because I like to torment my poor Frenchman a little too much sometimes. But it's all in good fun. And, he gets the girl eventually, so it's fine. You can be tormented for a little, Chandler.

Have a great day! More updates soon!


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