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Updated: Dec 9, 2022

I'm so happy you've decided to visit! Hopefully you're here with interest in my upcoming debut release Obedience, coming April 2023.

"Why do you want to become an aerialist?" Jeanne asked, placing her arms on the desk and leaning forward more. I focused back on Cassandra just in time to see her eyes shift to look straight at me. Though I couldn't make them out distinctly, they looked hazel, perhaps, and were big and wide and accentuated her face.
"Because of Chandler Moreau," she replied simply. The way she was looking at me was terribly distracting. I found I couldn't look away from her, feeling a little chill wash over my entire length. "I've followed your performances since I was in middle school. Ever since I saw you do that Kamikaze drop at your traveling show in San Francisco, it's all I ever wanted to do. To perform that move as flawlessly as you did in the show you did it with."

Obedience is the first book in the Ties That Bind series, and follows Cassandra Blackstone, a twenty-five year old silk aerialist student, and her childhood idol, Chandler Moreau. It is set in the beautiful northeastern fictional town of Acrefort, New York, and is centered around a fantastical French Gothic style circus school called The Dreamers Academy, and Chandler Moreau's grandmother's circus Cirque du Lys.

If the unbelievably sexy slow-burn between this Frenchman and his 'papillon' doesn't hold you captive from page one, I hope that the unique settings in the book will transport you from the couch you're reading it on, to a magical place where your imagination can run wild as you watch the two fall in love, and all the mystery and suspense begin to unfold.

I am so confident that you'll enjoy my book and want to read it, that I'm offering everyone the Prologue and First Three Chapters free to read! No strings attached! If you love it, consider following me on social media or my newsletter, so you can know when you can get the rest and stay updated.

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