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Wrapping Up: An Obedience Christmas Story (OUT NOW!)

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

I have some FANTASTIC news for you! If you'd like to experience some of the circus troupe from Chandler's grandmother's circus, Cirque du Lys, featured in my upcoming debut Obedience, then you need to check this out!

I released a short novella on Amazon a few days ago that tells the tale of an adorable mishap of Chandler Moreau's, my male main character in the book.

If you're curious, it will be ABSOLUTELY FREE ON AMAZON DECEMBER 23-27TH! Or if you don't want to wait, it will be at $0.99 the rest of the time. And while it's easy to read this novella on it's own with no knowledge of the upcoming novel, I invite you to re-read once you check out Obedience to catch a bunch of fun Easter eggs I sprinkled in.

While this story was actually composed by my co-author Abigail Hendricks, the scene with the present was actually from the original 1st draft. It was one of my beta readers favorite scenes, and another reason why everyone adores Chandler so much.

Check out all the trailers that have been floating around on social media the last few days! I have to send a shout out to the absolutely fabulous Danny who voices Chandler Moreau in these ads. I just found him about a week ago, after listening to a demo of a commercial he'd done of all things. Something about his voice screamed Chandler.

Small story time: When I first started writing the first draft of Obedience, which actually was only back in September/October, which is wild to think, I got into an argument with my husband the first or second day I'd started writing. The first chapter of the book is from Chandler Moreau's perspective, and it's the "meet cute" where he meets Cassandra Blackstone, the female main character, for the first time.

My argument with my husband, was that her name was pronounced "Ca-sauhn-druh," versus the more traditional American way of saying it, "Cass-AND-druh." My husband was dead set that it was the latter. I told him that day, that there was no way that Chandler pronounced her name any other way but "Ca-sauhn-druh."

I get back this first initial audio from Danny, who at this point doesn't even know who the hell I am, that I'm the author of the book or anything (still sorry I wasn't more clear haha), with only a slight bit of direction on what I needed Chandler to sound like. And Chandler sounds VERY specific. I knew what I wanted.

What did Danny do? Well, for starters he got Chandler's iconic growly deep voice down like he'd been doing it for a decade. So, cool. But also? The winner? "Ca-sauhn-druh."

Needless to say the rest was history after that. Anyway, long story short, he's been fantastic and willing to humor me with all the random things I've thrown at him. And I'm hoping to bring you a lot more audio content from him next year, as we approach the debut. Stay tuned!

For now, I'll let you enjoy all of the Wrapping Up trailers! And here's a link to the Amazon page if you wanted to purchase the book:

This final one didn't make it to an ad, just because I liked the other so much better as far as an ad was concerned, but I absolutely loved the narration and couldn't let it go to waste. So I'll share it here, and I shared it on social media. Enjoy Danny's interpretation of Chandler Moreau talking about his favorite time of year, and my novella.

Hope you enjoyed them all! Stay tuned for more updates regarding Obedience. It's in the final stages of edits. I can see the end finally! I'm hard at work with rewrites of Discipline, which believe it or not is probably even better than it's predecessor.

PS: That little "jingle jingle" bit at the end of the ads was all Danny, by the way. I hope it made you laugh. I got the audio back from him to cut into the ad and died laughing when I heard it. Still makes me laugh every time. A+

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