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Have you met Professor Moreau?He'll rope you in.

Experience a student teacher romantic suspense unlike anything you've ever read or heard before. A romance between a silk aerialist and his protégé student, set in a fantastical circus-town full of mystery and suspense. 

Available now in full-cast narrated audiobook, ebook, paperback and hardback versions.

About Liza

About Liza

A bestselling independent author from Florida, Liza has been putting romance books into her readers hands for over a half decade, and has loved every minute of it.

Liza lives with her husband, her two dogs and her cat, ten minutes from the beach. When she isn't writing, you can often find her walking and enjoying outside, with a coffee and a book in hand. 


Event Schedule

Coming Soon!

Event Schedule

December 31st   Liza Snow's Freebie Giveaway Event

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