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Obedience: Book One in the Ties That Bind Series

The love story between the silk aerialist Chandler Moreau and his protégé student Cassandra Blackstone. 

Obedience isn’t your stereotypical novel—not by a long-shot. A tantalizing slow-burn student-teacher romance between two silk aerialists, set in a spellbinding century old circus school and its sister-circus.


The book begins as a beautiful angst-ridden love-story, with a sprinkling of light BDSM themes delving into the mysterious and artistic Shibari—Japanese rope bondage. It’s the perfect mixture of sensual and steamy and romantic, that catapults into a captivating second-half filled with dark suspense and mystery unlike anything you’ve ever read before.


Read a romance that will take you soaring into the silks. And the best part about this book? While it is a dual-perspective story, most of the major "beats" of the romance are from the male perspective. You get to watch the guy fall for the girl. The charming Frenchman falling for his beautiful papillon.

Things You Should Know About Obedience

Book One in the Ties That Bind Series 

Release Date: April 4th, 2023 (audiobook in tandem)

Price: $0.99 week of release, $3.99 after

Genres: Romantic Suspense

Formats: ebook, paperback, audiobook

Tropes: student-teacher romance, age-gap romance, slow-burn, dark romance, mafia romance, billionaire romance, romantic suspense, older man/younger woman

Unique Features: aerial silk performers, circus setting, slow-burn, Shibari, full-cast narrated audiobook releasing in tandem

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Experience the romance like it was meant to be...
in full-cast narrated audio with stellar voices.

The entire Ties That Bind Series is planned to be released in full-cast narrated audiobook in tandem with the novels. Featuring exclusive narrators you've never heard before, but you will never forget...

Obedience isn’t your stereotypical novel—not by a long-shot. And unique books deserve unique storytelling. Which is why I pride myself in introducing you to the voices of Chandler Moreau and Cassandra Blackstone. Both exclusive first-time audiobook narrators. You've never heard them before. And you won't forget them.

Daniel Zbel - The Voice of Chandler Moreau

Daniel Zbel has been entertaining and using his words to make pleasant noise for just about all his life. He has a clear passion for voice acting and voice overs and life in general. A gem of a human being, I first found Daniel on a voice over site, wanting him to do a book trailer voicing Chandler. The moment I heard him, I knew I needed him to voice my favorite character I'd ever written. I knew he was the only person who would do him justice, and that the role was meant for him. He doesn't do audiobooks, but after chasing him down, he admired my passion and excitement for my book, and signed on to help.


And you will see why he's the perfect person for Chandler when you listen to the audiobook. The man has a voice you could listen to for hours, and he absolutely was meant to be my fabulous Frenchman. Even if he's Polish!

Visit Daniel's website for more information about his voice over services.

Rapunzaroo - The Voice of Cassandra Blackstone

Rapunzaroo is a newer voice over actress, but you wouldn't be able to tell by the amount of talent that pours out of her. She loves entertaining people and telling stories using her voice. I found Rapunzaroo after I had hired on Daniel. My goal was to find a unique voice for my fierce and amazing female main character, and I must have went through three dozen actresses before I found her. She gave me a couple of samples for her audition, and I fell in love with her voice. Then we tried putting Danny and her voice together to see what it sounded like, and I absolutely adored how they sounded together and how well she kept up with Daniel, even with his years of experience. It was meant to be.

You will see why Rapunzaroo is the perfect person for Cassandra when you listen to the audiobook. She has a beautiful and unique female narrator voice and I've had so many compliments of her style. 

Visit Rapunzaroo's website for more information about her.

I'd love for you to see what the fuss is about. Listen to the full-cast narrated audiobook as it's being completed. I hope it convinces you what a unique story this is, and why making it an audiobook was the right decision.

Contact Me For More Info

If you're interested in learning more or want to talk to me, feel free to reach out. I can also get you in touch with my narrators, if you have questions for them!


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