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The Official Obedience Novel Soundtrack Available

One thing you should know about me, is that I absolutely adore music. It's a part of my life, in every single way, including when I am writing. While I listen to a lot of classical and low-fi beats when I'm actually drafting, I still have a lot of songs that inspire the books I write.

Years ago, with a different pen name, I published a book that had a "soundtrack" for readers to follow along with as they read the book. It was wildly popular with my readers, far than I ever expected it to be.

I am excited to let you know that my debut Obedience features a soundtrack, with a song for each Chapter of the book, that encompasses the entire chapter, or at least one of the scenes within it. And I think they work absolutely perfectly, I am so excited for you to listen.

As a sort of "sneak peek" of what you can experience reading the book, I've decided to share the playlist with everyone in advance of the book releasing. You can use your imagination to decide what might be happening with each chapter with it. And just enjoy all the fun music. I tried to share a variety of genres, because I have such a broad spectrum of tastes when it comes to music. I hope you enjoy the soundtrack!

Just an FYI: The songs are in chronological order, following the chapters of the book. So, for example, Serse (#1) is from Chapter 1 in the book. There is no song for the Prologue.

For more info about the book, stay tuned to my blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

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